Beginning Linux Antivirus Development

Paperback available on Amazon

It has been almost 3 years since a kindle eBook of Beginning Linux Development was published on Amazon. Thanks to our readers paperback of Beginning Linux Antivirus Development has been published on Amazon.

What you can get from this book.

You might think that this book simply explains code like any other books. The answer is no. This is a story about a student with no experience in security who grows into a security software developer. Starting with a plausible hacking incident, the main character in this book collects requirements, draws a design and writes code. By doing so, he goes through the entire process. You can also get the knowledge as below after you finish this book.

  • The basics of antivirus structure

  • The basics of antivirus structure

  • Requirement-driven development

  • Practical software design using UML

  • How to modify kernels for security

Demo video for your practice

While you are reading this book, you will find yourself to implement a simple antivirus software and an antivirus server by yourself. You may be still wondering if that is going to happen to you. You can check out a demo video as shown in the following. I am sure that you will be encouraged to do the same after watching it.

Don’t worry. Any developers can read this book. You can be a security software developer.

Do you think those words that you have read are tricky for you? No worries. This book walks you through every process so that anyone who has the basic knowledge as below can easily understand the book. You will find yourself to be a security software developer after finishing this book.

  • C programming

  • Simple echo socket programming

  • UML (It’s enough to hear of it. No necessary to handle it)

  • The role of Linux kernels (No necessary to develop it)

Download Source Code

You can download all the files in this book from GitHub. The link is as below:

For the further download details of each directory, please see the below:

  • document: document files about the book.

  • images: large image files

  • source_code: prototype code, antivirus filter code, update server code and etc.

  • uml_files: UML files written by Enterprise Architect(EA).

Where to buy the Beginning Linux Antivirus Development book

It has been published on Amazon. A kindle eBook and paperback will be found or can be bought on the website

: Amazon Books

Any other language for the information on Beginning Linux Antivirus Development?

Korean blog website is available. If you would like to have more information on this in Korean, visit our schoolimeblog website.