Written in English and Korean For the One Who Wants to Know Korea

Korean Folk Tales

Volume One

In the sizzling sun, a black cow and yellow cow were exhausted and didn’t move at all. Watching them working hard, a seonbi suddenly became curious. Which cow works better? He decided to ask a farmer which one does a better job. But the farmer responded differently at first. He didn’t answer immediately. What happens next is the words the seonbi never forgets.

It has five Korean folktales: Black Cow and Yellow Cow (검정소와 누렁소) ,Magic Fan (요술부채), Rabbit Judgement (토끼의 재판), Magic Pot (요술항아리) and Lumpy Old Man (혹부리영감). It not only offers both Korean and English and but also gives tips for the one who wants to know Korea.

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